Marketing Consultation

Employee Feedback

  • How happy are they?
  • Are they supporting the growth plan in the field?
  • What do they see as the barriers to growth?
  • What ideas do they have for improvement?
  • Are they aligned with customer expectations?

Customer Communications

  • Are we using the most cost effective methods to communicate with our customers?
  • Do our communications support our customer value proposition?
  • Are they consistent?
  • Do we understand the inter-dependencies of our own communication alternatives.

Customer Segmentation

  • What are our current segments?
  • What should they be?
  • Where are there hidden differences in profitability?
  • How do we assign each customer or prospect into a segment?
  • What are the requirements to win business in each segment?
  • How do we implement our segmentation plan?


  • Do we have a clear pricing strategy?
  • Are we relying on cost-plus to set our price?
  • Are pricing decisions centralized or decentralized?
  • Are we analyzing pricing information and making changes as appropriate?
  • What techniques do our sales reps use to gain price premiums?

Customer Evaluation

  • Do we know the profitability of each customer?
  • What drives customer profitability?
  • Do we have customer concentration risk?
  • How do we fix unprofitable customers?
  • Do we know why customers defect?
  • Do we measure our wallet share by customer?

Product / Inventory Management

  • Are we turning our inventory at an optimal rate?
  • Is it tailored to market needs?
  • Are we adapting / creating new products to meet market needs?
  • Do we have sufficient depth and breadth of inventory in each location?

Customer Relationship Management

  • How should we approach it?
  • What processes are critical to incorporate?
  • Is our team ready?
  • How can we get more out of our current system?


  • How can we use promotions to win new business?
  • What are the best types of promotions for us?
  • How do we integrate them with the sales team?
  • Are we using the right types: coupons, rebates, financing, loyalty programs, etc?

Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Is it optimal?
  • What should be changed?
  • What about other channels to reach customers?


  • Do we have ideal product coverage in all of our geographic markets?
  • Are we set up to exceed customer expectations regarding convenience in how we deliver our own products or services?

To help you with problem identification for your company we have created a list of questions organized into two categories: Sales and Marketing.

Each category has sub-headings that group the issues faced most frequently by KIMA clients. Please explore the list in the areas where you feel your challenges exist and where we can assist you.