CLIENT CASE STUDY 4: Creating and Installing an Effective Sales Process

The Problem
Client did not have a defined sales process and did not understand the need for it. Their belief was that if they hired good people and let them sell success would follow. Every lead was managed differently by each sales person, with no consistent tracking to show progress or measure success.

The Solution
KIMA conducted interviews with the sales force and the IT team, then designed a sales process including six milestones that enabled daily tracking of all sales activity. A key design factor: minimize administrative time and computer skills required of the sales force. Reporting was developed that kept sales management updated constantly. Training sessions were conducted for all involved in the process and reinforced through weekly conference calls.

Results from the first sales program indicated that for each sales call made they would reach about 70% of the decision makers to present the program. About 30% were interested enough to ask for a quote and 10% placed an order. In short, our client could expect an order for every 10 initial sales calls, and within 30 days.

The KIMA Personality

  • Hands on is our specialty! On site with your team, working at all levels of your organization, rolling up our sleeves to get the work done in the trenches.
  • Professional but very approachable and easy to work with.
  • Always going to tell you the truth and are fiercely independent and objective with our recommendations.
  • Collaborative in all that we do rather than directive, which gets better results.
  • Passionate about our core beliefs and values, with no compromises.
  • Only going to assign professionals to your team that have the skills needed, a deep commitment to finding your solution, and fit your company culture.
  • Hard working, which leads to profitable sales faster.
  • Always interested in making it fun while we succeed together.