Accurate Problem Identification: The Critical First Step

As company leaders face the challenge of profitable growth for their organization, a potentially bewildering array of choices exist, and they often involve several functional areas. Marketing and sales for sure but also operations, finance and others specific to a company or industry. KIMA has the experience necessary to help you do three things: evaluate each area, understand their interdependencies, and most importantly prioritize a solution based on profit impact.

Some specific issues that you may face:

  • Learning what drives your customer’s purchase decision, how they feel about your performance and how you perform versus the competition.
  • High customer concentration risk, defined as a high percentage of your sales from few customers, drives the need to solidify relationships with your top customers, while diversifying thru growth with new customers.
  • Ensure your sales force is maximizing effectiveness through appropriate account targeting, sales structure and territory management.
  • Make sure your go-to-market strategy uses the right channels to reach the most profitable customers and markets.

To help you with problem identification for your company we have created a list of questions organized into two categories: Sales and Marketing.

Each category has sub-headings that group the issues faced most frequently by KIMA clients. Please explore the list in the areas where you feel your challenges exist and where we can assist you.