The challenge of execution and why companies need help

The major challenge our clients face today is putting the plan into action. Bossidy and Charan in their book Execution, The Discipline of Getting Things Done, put it this way: ” Execution is a specific set of behaviors and techniques that companies need to master in order to have competitive advantage… a discipline of its own.”

We agree and have built our approach around helping our clients create a roadmap that can be followed, then guiding them through the execution.

Guide Process Steps

  1. Ensure your team understands and supports the plan, a key step in motivating them to achieve results.
  2. Lead the team through each step, assigning each member a specific role to keep them engaged and accountable. Energize and build buy-in.
  3. If necessary, select new external growth partners, i.e. ad agency, sales process specialists, etc.
  4. Develop new tools, skills and process.
  5. Build and conduct sales meetings and training sessions to make sure everyone supports the plan and have the skills necessary to execute it.
  6. Conduct weekly updates with the team to ensure that timelines are met, questions are answered and results are achieved.
  7. Modify the plan quickly based on actual results or changes in the market.
“You worked with the entire organization very well. The sales force trusted you and were very open with you. Some firms choose only to work with the executive team and are less successful.”
Vice President
Heartland Division
“I just met with our team after your workshop and they were very complimentary. They are said you did a great job and are really pumped about the promotion.”
Vice President
Southeast Division