“What really makes you different is that you were looked to as sales leaders in the trenches. You were trusted up and down in the organization which made a big difference."

Vice President

Sales Consultation

Customer and Market Feedback

  • Why do customers buy / not buy from us?
  • What are their needs today?
  • How satisfied are they with our services?
  • How are we doing compared to our competition?
  • What do we need to do to win new business?

Telesales Programs

  • How can we reach / serve customers cost effectively?
  • How do we design, test and install a telesales
  • Which customers are best served over the phone?
  • How can we improve our phone selling skills?

Sales Force Design /Organization

  • Does our current sales force support our goals?
  • Should we set up our sales force by product,
    geography, or market?
  • Should we have a multi-tiered sales force to
    serve different customer needs?
  • Do we have the right sales people for the job?

Sales Compliance

  • Are our sales reps tracking and reporting on
    their sales calls?
  • Do they have a daily sales plan and follow
  • Are they discussing the right products or services
    with customers?
  • Are they conducting all of their planned sales

Sales Force Organization

  • Territory Management
  • Are our sales reps maximizing the number of
    contacts they are making?
  • Are we calling on too many of the same accounts
    out of habit?
  • Are we spending travel dollars wisely?

Cross Selling

  • How do we measure cross-selling success?
  • Have we identified cross-sell opportunities
    by customer, and held sales reps accountable?
  • What training or support would help?

Compensation Design

  • Are our pay levels current and competitive?
  • Does our compensation plan support our sales
  • Does our compensation plan fit our values?
  • Are we rewarding the proper behaviors?
  • Is our mix of incentive and fixed compensation

Top Customer Effectiveness

  • Are our sales reps, processes and organization
    effectively serving large customers?
  • Do we understand how they should be served?
  • Are we delivering too much service and eroding
  • Do we have relationships at the top of each
    customer organization?
  • Do we conduct workshops with them to understand
    their needs better?
  • Are our agreements written and current?
  • Do we have the ability to negotiate effectively
    and are we standing up for our own profitability?
  • Prospecting for New Business

Sales Training

  • Does our training match our current needs in
    content, frequency and reinforcement?
  • Have we cut too much out of training?
  • How can we get more impact out of our sales
    training dollars?
  • Does our sales force use the best techniques
    to sell?

Are we really doing it?

  • What methods are we using?
  • Are we pre-qualifying opportunities?
  • Do we have high quality lead sources?
  • Are we filling the top of our sales funnel?
  • Are we working on our highest priority leads

Sales Recognition and Contests

  • Do you use them?
  • Do they work?
  • What type will be most effective?

Sales Evaluation

  • How accurate are our forecasts?
  • Do we rank our sales reps weekly?
  • Do we communicate these rankings and act on
    the information?
  • Who are our top performers and why?
  • Do we spend too much time saving under-performers?
  • Does our team have the tools they need to sell?

Sales Process Review

  • Do we have a formal sales process?
  • Are our reps using it and trained on it?
  • Do we have metrics for each milestone?
  • How many contacts equals a sale?
  • Where are there delays in the sales funnel
    what can we do to help?
  • What is our sales cycle time from start to
  • What is our win ratio and how can we improve
  • Can we locate every single lead and monitor
    its progress?

Sales Support & Related Services

  • Do our reps have materials they need to support
    the sales effort such as brochures, guides, giveaways, etc.?
  • Are we leveraging every corporate event for
    maximum customer impact?
  • Are we impeding our ability to grow due to
    internal barriers in functions other than sales and marketing?
    (Credit, Shipping, Operations, etc)

To help you with problem identification for your company we have created a list of questions organized into two categories: Sales and Marketing.

Each category has sub-headings that group the issues faced most frequently by KIMA clients. Please explore the list in the areas where you feel your challenges exist and where we can assist you.