Our Core Beliefs

  • Rigorous adherence to the right process reduces the chance of wasting valuable resources and time working on the wrong problem.
  • Understanding through research what drives a customer to purchase and how your company is performing on those key drivers is critical to winning and keeping customers.
  • Working together with your team, listening to their ideas for growth and involving them in developing the plan inspires them to do the work necessary to achieve results.
  • There is no single silver bullet solution; it will be multifaceted.
    Results can often begin in weeks rather than months or years.
  • The right data beats anecdotal observations every time.
  • Without obsessive execution of the plan results will disappoint.
“You created a grass roots approach to implementation. The program was not the KIMA program, it was our program.”
Vice President
Central Division
“Working with you was always fun and upbeat. You also brought a level of professionalism that helped our local team. You were good eyes and ears in the right position to bring solid feedback from the field to the executive team. Hats off to you.”
Vice President
Northeast Division