CLIENT CASE STUDY 2: Improving Large Account Profitability

The Problem
Client had over 70% of annual sales concentrated with four large national customers, up from only 26% in just three years. The industry was continuing to consolidate rapidly as the larger companies acquired the smaller regional operators. Additionally, only loosely structured annual agreements had long been the industry norm

The Solution
Working very closely with top management, KIMA completed detailed research on each of the four customers, then facilitated three hour workshops that included both the leaders of the two companies as well as the front line employees that worked daily with our client’s products. The objective: clearly understand all of the customer’s needs and their growth plans. Armed with the insights gained from the research and workshops, KIMA helped our client create and sell a three year partnering agreement with two of the customers, resulting in a secure profit flow. Implementation included building a strategic accounts sales force, supported by a team that responded quickly to the needs of the large strategic customers and delivered special services to them as required.

The Results
Our client was able to lock up 70% of sales and at a higher profit margin for the following three years. Customer satisfaction also dramatically increased. Our client was acquired at a 75% premium over market value with existing management remaining in place.

The KIMA Personality

  • Hands on is our specialty! On site with your team, working at all levels of your organization, rolling up our sleeves to get the work done in the trenches.
  • Professional but very approachable and easy to work with.
  • Always going to tell you the truth and are fiercely independent and objective with our recommendations.
  • Collaborative in all that we do rather than directive, which gets better results.
  • Passionate about our core beliefs and values, with no compromises.
  • Only going to assign professionals to your team that have the skills needed, a deep commitment to finding your solution, and fit your company culture.
  • Hard working, which leads to profitable sales faster.
  • Always interested in making it fun while we succeed together.