Ensuring Growth is Sustainable

Sustainable profit growth cannot be a one time only temporary fix, but must be a permanent change to your organization, methodology and culture.

Nobody wants to hire a consultant forever. Our goal is to work closely with your team as they build the process knowledge, skills and experience to continue when we are gone.

We also work with your executive team to build the mindset of flexibility and responsiveness to the market, and the skill set to sustain profitable growth.

Sustain Process Steps

  1. Address any challenges that are impeding the growth plan and create solutions to fix them, not excuses.
  2. Develop permanent tracking mechanisms to measure results including customer and marketing effectiveness as well as the usual financial measures.
  3. Adapt the plan when needed to improve results.
  4. Develop your team to lead the process when we are gone.
  5. Continue to collect and act upon customer and employee feedback, defining new activities and initiatives to improve customer satisfaction and drive future sales performance and profitable growth.
“After watching dozens of change efforts in the past decade, I’m confident of one cardinal rule: Whenever you let up before the job is done, critical momentum is lost and regression may follow.”
John Kotter
Harvard Professor & Author from the book “Leading Change”
“You were there every step, from start to finish—living the process with us, accountable for growth just like everyone else. You weren’t going to accept the usual excuse that you created the right plan but the client failed to implement it.”
Vice President
Central Division