Five reasons to create a Map to profitable growth

  1. Often five year strategic plans, annual plans and budgets do not address important components leading to profitable growth, such as fresh input from your target markets and your employees.
  2. Your team involved in the traditional planning process may not include all of the right members, especially those closest to your customers.
  3. There may be widely held internal beliefs that are based on outdated or incorrect information. These beliefs often limit growth.
  4. Your team may not be able to identify short term profit opportunities or how to implement them throughout your organization.
  5. Finally, to avoid two traps: fire, ready, aim, or with no map, any road will get you there. Creating a Map to profitable growth is a proven process to be rigorously followed, and one that is adaptable for your specific situation.

Map Process Steps

  1. Listen to the market – customers and non-customers – and measure your company performance against both your competitors and market expectations.
  2. Listen to your employees to understand their view of the barriers to growth, ideas for growth, overall level of their satisfaction and why.
  3. Analyze internal and external data and reports, focusing on marketing, sales and other growth related information, looking for profitable growth opportunities.
  4. Integrate the learning into our Facet Framework, resulting in a solution tailored to your profitable growth opportunity.
  5. Build a Map to growth that will work, because it is:
    » on target strategically
    » based on real data including market and employee feedback
    » built in concert with your company team
    » detailed and specific regarding implementation
    » measurable at least weekly

Map Process Examples

  1. Review the specific Map Process Steps above.
  2. The Facet Framework is used to integrate all of the key issues impacting growth.
    » Click here for an example
  3. The final Map is customized for each client.
    » Click here to review the Map
“We struggled with profitability and growth, especially in the recent tough economy. The principals of KIMA Consulting helped us change our thinking and direction about growth, to focus more on what our customers want, and it’s working!”
Executive Vice-President
“By listening to our team you formed a perspective, including data to support it, then created a powerful voice with top management. Nobody internally would have taken the time to do that.”
Vice President
Central Division